Capture user interaction

Capture user interaction

Capture user interaction easily. UXblackbox captures video, mouse and keyboard actions. Just plug it in.

How it works?
Capture user interaction


User interaction with your product is captured just like it happened. You can see everything the user saw and see what the user typed with their keyboard and clicked with their mouse.

Tag user interaction


Good and bad moments of use are gathered by just pressing a button. We call this the “user-triggered method” for User Experience (UX) monitoring.

Analyze user interaction


Quick walkthrough of the tagged moments reveals usability issues. By classifying the findings, you are advised which issues are needed to be addressed first.

Improve user interaction


By utilizing the anaylsis provided by the UXblackbox, new doors are opened towards the improvement of medical operational systems and software.

Examples of Use

  • Healthcare Informatics

    Often healthcare information systems have many shortcomings when it comes to usability, which wastes time and resources. Using the evidence-based usability testing provided by Adusso’s UXblackbox, the usability of healthcare information systems can be greatly improved.

  • Healthcare Devices

    If healthcare devices feel like they are too complicated to use, the UXblackbox can help with their usability. By recording the use of healthcare devices such as patient monitors or bloodpressure monitors, the UXblackbox can help improve their usability.

  • Website Usability

    The UXblackbox can be used to improve websites and online services by utilising user testing. When real users can test the website and easily leave comments and markings, it is easy for the developers to fix what is required.

  • Mobile Usability

    Adusso offers usability testing for mobile devices as well. It is possible to connect a mobile device to a UXblackbox wirelessly, so that the mobile device does not have to be at a fixed station to conduct testing. Read more